Test results

Getting your test results

If your test results show that you need more tests or treatment, we will contact you.

Once a doctor has reviewed your test results, you can view them:

The receptionist will be able to tell you if the results are normal. If the results are abnormal the receptionist will advise you according to a doctor’s instructions.

The advice might be to:

  • Book another appointment
  • Receive some treatment
  • Have another test performed

An abnormal result is not necessarily anything to worry about.

To ensure confidentiality, we only release results to the patient (or parent/guardian of young children), unless alternative arrangements have been agreed in writing.

Blood tests

Blood tests are usually performed by our health care assistants and appointments need to be booked in advance. Blood tests usually need to be taken in the morning so that the blood sample can be sent to the hospital pathology laboratory the same day.

These are usually available to book during the mornings from 8am.

Questions about your results

If you want to talk to someone about your results, fill out a test results request form and someone will be in touch.