Social Media

We are aware that social media plays a large part in everyday life for some people.

At Swadlincote surgery we utilise social media platforms to inform patients, and the wider community, of events, changes and any other information that we believe to be relevant or informative. The platforms we use are:

We know that, from time to time, patients post thoughts or opinions about the surgery on social media platforms. Our stance is that we do not respond to comments, or enter into conversation, on social media but we do respect the opinions made. We do, however, reserve the right to take appropriate action if we feel that comments are defamatory, or could cause harm to patients or staff of the surgery.

Our decision not to reply is because many comments are anonymous. Therefore, we do not have all of the relevant facts or information to respond in an appropriate way. Also, our response may unintentionally inflame comments that have been made.

Please leave your comments and suggestions online. We also operate an NHS approved complaints system that patients can use to make us aware of any issues and the surgery will provide a personal, detailed reply.