Brexit and Medications

Brexit has generated uncertainty around many things in everyday life, including healthcare and the supply of medications.

Below is a statement by the Department of Health and Social Care that we are abiding by.

‘No deal Brexit’ – DOHSC update

The government is making plans to ensure that in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the flow of medicines and medical products is not impeded. Work is underway to ensure there is sufficient roll-on, roll-off freight capacity to enable these products to move freely into the UK. Pharmaceutical companies are advised to ensure there is a minimum of six weeks additional supply in the UK, over and above their business as usual operational buffer stocks. The update reiterates UK health and social care providers, including hospitals, care homes, GP’s and community pharmacies should not stock pile additional medicines beyond their business as usual stock levels and that there is no need for clinicians to write longer NHS prescriptions. Prescribers are asked not to alter prescribing patterns.